About Us

Textile cleaning has become a challenge these days. With fashion evolving every day, we face a big challenge in cleaning the variety of textiles that are used in today’s fashion. The use of mixed textiles in apparel today makes it more difficult to clean, protect, and keep intact. Hence, we need textile experts to treat such fabrics and apparel and keep them in their best shape and structure!


CLEANTEX LAUNDRY DRYCLEANING PVT LTD is an aspiring brand in providing all types of textile cleaning solutions. We commenced IDC with the aim of revolutionising dry cleaning techniques by introducing modular processes combined with technology.

We are aiming to solve multiple problems of the millennial group at once by saving time and water. A responsible business curated in India for Indian fashion fans aims at enabling everyone to stay up-to-date on the go!


To create an affordable and sustainable textile cleaning business chain that caters to every  segment of the industry 

Vision :

  • 100 Cities
  • 200 Stores
  • 1000 + Employment Opportunities
  • 200000 + Customers